Go Rings


Creating a growth strategy for a social good jewelry brand



The Problem: Founded in 2013, Go Rings sells handmade jewelry and donates a portion of the profits to financially equip brand partners who are going out and doing good in the world. Go Rings achieved success early on, but they wanted to continue growing and take the brand to the next level.

What We Did: Go Rings went through the Embassy Brand Launchpad, our three-month accelerator that helps brands create a short- and long-term strategy for increasing customer acquisition, strengthening brand loyalty, and growing sales. The Launchpad is focused on refining a brand’s identity and testing scalable campaigns that lead to tangible growth.

First, we audited Go Rings’ communications and created voice guidelines that could be consistently executed across channels. Then, after identifying a primary sales driver—the Go Rings’ partnership program—we ran a campaign that doubled the average monthly partnership revenue. The final sales and customer acquisition strategy we tested, a social media campaign targeting specific geographic regions, resulted in a 67% conversion rate.

At the end of the Launchpad, we handed the client three proven customer acquisition and sales strategies, a 12-month narrative-based content calendar, and short- and long-term goals to keep the brand on track.