Haiti Design Co-op


Designing a product that connects customer and maker



The Problem: Founded in 2014, Haiti Design Co-op aims to bring about sustainable development in Haiti through design, training, and job creation. HDC approached Embassy about branding a new initiative called Maker’s Box, a subscription box of artisan-made products meant to help create lifelong brand advocates and passionate customers.

What We Did: HDC wanted a clean design for the boxes that matched the existing HDC brand aesthetic. We presented three different directions to the client, keeping in mind the brand’s clean, minimal aesthetic. HDC was immediately drawn to our first direction’s primary mark, a geometric approach that plays with lines and shapes, mirroring the idea of the artisans’ creative process of starting out with simple concepts to create something beautiful. We shaped the narrative of each box, highlighting the stories of Haitian artisans, and strengthening the connection between customer and maker. In addition, we created a simple landing page for Maker’s Box to share the stories that each box holds and the impact each customer contributes.