What is it?

At Embassy, we intentionally keep our creative team small so we can collaborate with our favorite freelancers. We’ve built this business from the ground up and it wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the relationships and referrals along the way. We want to keep working with friends (and friends of friends) and this is how we’re doing it: the Preferred Partner Program. Here's how it works:


What's in it for you:

  1. You, design/illustration/photography/etc. extraordinaire, are put on our roster. If the right project comes up, we give you first dibs.

  2. You make 10% of referrals you send our way. Say you specialize in x but you know someone who could use a little y or z (or maybe the scope is bigger than what you can provide, but you still want to work on that part of the project). Refer us and you will make 10% of what we make from the client for the lifetime of the project (and of course you have first dibs to work on said project). 

  3. You’re part of the family. If you’re reading this it means we’re rooting for you. We want to see you succeed. We have a virtual “open door policy,” so please reach out if you have questions about your personal projects, pricing, need an agency’s perspective, etc. We’re also developing materials that will be handy for freelancers. More on that soon.

What's in it for us:

  1. We have access to a whip smart, talented person like yourself. The only thing more exciting than acquiring an awesome new client is coming up with an awesome execution strategy. Knowing that you’re down to collaborate means we have everything we need to get started and make something great. This makes our lives easier. And for that, we love you.

  2. We may acquire new clients thanks to you (not a requirement). Like we said earlier, we couldn’t do it without you. We want to thank you for (and encourage) said referrals. The Black Keys had it right when they said, “Love is the coal that makes this train roll.”

Preferred Partner Application

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Illustration, UX design, photography, etc.
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This is not an exclusive partnership. We do not represent our freelancers.

Our goal is to make this mutually beneficial, when you win, we win. When we win, you win.